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Narada AcmeG 12V-200Ah battery
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Narada AcmeG 12V-100Ah battery (NARADA12V-100)

The AcmeG range front access valve regulated lead acid batteries is designed based on the Acme series. Using the polymer gel electrolyte with real front access structure. The state of the art internal and external design ensures AcmeG  the high reliability and makes the installations quite simple and safe when placed on a standard relay rack tray or in a closed cabinet. The design float life is 12 years at 20℃(68℉)

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Narada AcmeG 12V-200Ah battery (NARADA12V-200)
Narada ACME 12V 200AH Non Spillable Deep Cycle Battery Narada ACME 12V 200AH Front Terminal batteries have been designed specifically for use in applications which demand the highest levels of security and reliability.

NARADA's reputation for long service life, together with excellent high rate performance, also makes it the number one choice for high integrity, high specification UPS systems.

Features and Benefits: Front terminal connections for fast and easy installation and maintenance Suitable for 19", 23" and ETSI racking UL94 V-0 flame retardant container and cover High reliability

Battery Specifications: Chemistry: Valve Regulated Sealed flat plate Gel
Voltage:12 volts Nominal
Capacity:200.0Ah Terminals:M6
Narada AcmeG 12V-200Ah battery
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