Phocos CML05 5A 12V/24V Charge Controller

Phocos CML05 5A 12V/24V Charge Controller
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The CML series is a sophisticated solar charge for low cost applications. The electronic circuit is equipped with a microcontroller that provides high- efficiency charging technology together with a number of outstanding status display, warning and safety functions. The temperature-compensated three-stage PWM charging method (boost-equalization-float) is now adjustable to sealed and vented lead-acid feature •Battery State-of-Charge display with 3LEDS •Acoustic load disconnect pre-warning •PWM-regulation (series type) •Boost, Equalize and Float charging, also for VRLA •Automatic 12/24V detection •Integrated temperature compensation •Large terminals (up to 16 mm wire size) •SOC and voltage controlled LVD •Fully electronically protected Type of protection : IP22
  • Manufacturer: Phocos

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