Luminous Solar MPPT Charge Controller 20 amp

Luminous Solar MPPT Charge Controller 20 amp
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Luminous Solar MPPT charge controller is an advanced technology product that tracks the maximum power point of PV array to deliver maximum available current to charge battery for off grid photovotalic (PV) systems. The controller provides the better efficiency and significantly less power loss. The Luminous MPPT battery charging process has been optimized for long battery life and improved system performance. The controller is featured with liquid crystal display(LCD) with backlight, eight adjustable settings switches (DIP switch), several communication ports, temperature compensated charging and in built data logging


Product Descriptions

Maximum battery current 

20 amps

Nominal system voltage

12 & 24 V DC

Peak conversion efficiency


Maximum solar open circuit voltage

48V DC for 12V System and 60 V DC for 24Volt System

Maximum Solar PV Panel Support

Upto 600 Watts (300 Watts – 12V, 600 Watt- 24V)

Charging stages

Bulk, Absorption, Float & equalize


Wall Mount

Battery high voltage charging disconnect

15.5 V (12V) and 31 V (24V)

Standby Power consumption

< 10 mA


  • smart Tracking algorithm
  • Four stage battery charging - Bulk, Absorption, float and equalize
  • Automatic selection of battery voltage 
  • Higher input voltage from PV module
  • easy upgradation



  • Surge Current,
  • Battery Overcharging
  • Over Temperature
  • PV high voltage protection
  • Battery High voltage cut off
  • Reverse current flow at night
  • Battery Reverse polarity
  • Solar PV Panel Reverse Polarity
  • Battery Open Protection


Led Indications

  • Green Led – Indicates PV Status
  • Yellow Led – Indicates Battery Charging status
  • Red Led – Glows in case of faults
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  • Manufacturer: luminous

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