Steca Solsum 10.10F Charge Controller

Steca Solsum 10.10F Charge Controller
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Steca Solsum Charge Controller 10.10F Product features

*Suitable for very small homes 
*Maximum PV input 240W (2 x 120W modules)

The Steca Solsum F-Line continues the huge success of one of the most used SHS controllers. With a power range of up to 10 A at automatically recognized 12 V or 24 V it fits to a system sizes of maximum 240 W.

  • Series controller
  • Voltage regulation
  • Automatic detection of voltage
  • MWM control
  • Multistage charging technology
  • Current compensated load disconnection
  • Automatic load reconnection
  • Temperature compensation
  • Common positive grounding or negative grounding on one terminal
  • Monthly maintenance charge

Electronic protection functions

  • Overcharge protection
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Reverse polarity protection of load, module and battery
  • Automatic electronic fuse
  • Short circuit protection of load and module
  • Overvoltage protection at module input
  • Open circuit protection without battery
  • Reverse current protection at night
  • Overtemperature and overload protection
  • Battery overvoltage shutdown


  • Multifunction LED display
  • Multi-coloured LED
  • 4 LEDs show operating states
  • for operation, state of charge, fault messages
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  • Model: 1010F

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