Shurflo 24V DC Pump Controller

Shurflo 24V DC Pump Controller 902-100 LCB-GO
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Shurflo 24V DC Pump Controller 902-100 LCB-GO

Boost your DC solar pumps performance by up to 30%. Controller optimizes your solar water pumping system by translating the current and voltage available from your photovoltaic panels, into a combination that is better matched to that needed by the pump.

With the optional float switch installed, the controller will automatically stop pumping when the reservoir is full.


* Operates on 24 VDC.
* Increases daily water output up to 30%.
* System starts pumping earlier in the morning.
* System stops pumping later in the evening.
* Protects pump from low or high voltage conditions.
* Terminals for float switch.

Technical Specifications

* Maximum power output 150 Watts
* Over temperature shutdown 176ºF (80ºC)
* Ambient temperature 14ºF (-10ºC) to 113ºF (45ºC)
* Max. Array Input Voltage 45V
* Min. Startup Voltage 25V
* Shutdown Voltage 28V
* Max. Output Current 5 Amps

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  • Model: SPP-SH-PC-24V-LCB-GO

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