Epever LS3024EU - PWM Solar Charge Controller

Epever LS3024EU - PWM Solar Charge Controller
Features: ·High efficient Series PWM charging, increase battery lifetime and improve solar system performance ·Use MOSFET as electronic switch, without any mechanical switch ·Intuitive LED indicators showing battery voltage status ·Gel, Sealed, and Flooded battery type optional ·Manual control the output of the load ·Temperature compensation, correct charging and discharging parameters automatically ·Humanized Key, more comfortable and convenient ·Industrial grade design Model Number : LS2024EU Nominal Voltage : 12V DC / 24V DC Auto Detect Battery Type : Sealed (Default) / Gel / Flooded Battery Input Range : 8 ~32V Rated Battery Charge Current : 30A Rated Discharge Current : 30A Max PV Open Circuit Voltage : 50V Equalization Voltage : Sealed : 14.6V Flooded : 14.8V Boost Voltage : Gel : 14.2V Sealed : 14.4V Flooded : 14.6V Float Voltage: Gel/Sealed/Flooded : 13.8V Low Voltage Reconnect : Gel/Sealed/Flooded : 12.6V Low Voltage Disconnect : Gel/Sealed/Flooded : 11.1V Self Consumption: < 5mA @ 12V / < 7mA @ 24V Temperature Compensation : -5mV/°C/2V Relative Humidity : < 95% non-condensing Enclosure : IP20 Communication : None Grounding : Common positive Operating temperature range : -35°C to 50°C Dimensions : 148x106.8x43.7mm Weight : 0.29kg
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